Product Announcements

Coming soon: GeoT*SOL basic 2.0 R2

Export of electric consumption to PV*SOL:

  • Selection of the different electric consumers (heat pump, solar loop pump, heating element and heat source pump)
  • Saving of the export file to user-defined locations
  • The export file can be imported in PV*SOL as a load profile.

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Summer 2014: PV*SOL premium

The highlights of PV*SOL premium are:

  • Simple SMA Tripower configuration
  • Improved self-consumption calculation:
    • Integration of battery storage systems
    • Import of measurement values for electricity consumption in various time-steps, e.g. hour, 15 minutes, 1 minute
  • Any number of arrays can be defined and configured (previously limited to 6 sub-arrays)
  • Selection of multiple system inverters is possible, also combined with “normal”  inverters
  • Any orientation of mounted systems in 2D (already possible in 3D)
  • Technical circuit diagram for utility applications with DXF export
  • Detailed energy balance with all measured losses and gains

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