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NEW! PV*SOL premium 2016: Create easily 3D objects with the map import function

23. November 2015

Buildings and objects can be created quickly and easily by using floor plan drawings and maps. It must be drawn only the respective contours and then the building can be extruded by entering the height. Thus, for example, any building shapes with a flat roof can be produced.

Map import

PV*SOL now allows a further model for remuneration of solar power, the net metering. Here, the energy produced by the pv system is fed into the grid and balanced with the energy which has to be used from the grid.

In the 2D planning pv systems can be simulated with common trackers. You can choose between single-axis trackers with different axes of rotation and the two-axis trackers.

Tracking systems

Other interesting new features are:

  • SMA Off-Grid systems with AC coupling.
  • Visualization of the roof structure by displaying rafters and battens.
  • Copying of object groups including all structures and inverter configurations.
  • Simple duplication of objects by specifying the number of duplicates and the distance between them.

For further information to the new features please have a look at the Release Notes.

Test the demo version of PV*SOL premium yourself - you can download it free of charge under Downloads.

Customers who are already using the previous version can purchase an update in order to move up to the new version. The update prices are listed on our order form.

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