PV*SOL Feature Matrix

PV*SOL premium PV*SOL
Grid Connected Systems
Stand-alone Systems PV*SOL standalone inclusive PV*SOL standalone inclusive
Storage Systems
Automatic and Manual Inverter Configuration
Maximum Number of Modules 100 000 per array in 2D, 5 000 alltogether in 3D 100 000 per array
Number of Different Arrays unlimited unlimited
Cabling Detailed Circuit Diagram Detailed Circuit Diagram
Climate Database 8000 8000
Own Climate Data Generation and Import with MeteoSyn
Components Database with Automatic Internet Update
PV Modules >14500 >14500
Grid Connected Inverters >3750 >3750
2D Roof Visualisation Ja Ja
Photorealistic Presentation of the Customer‘s Roof
Horizon Shading
3D Shading Analysis
Power Optimizer
Results Presentation
Detailed Project Documentation Free Configuration Free Configuration
Economic Efficiency Analysis Ja Ja
Net Metering
Languages DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, PL DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, PL
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