Our introductory webinars are free of charge – In these webinars we would like to help you get started. We answer the questions most frequently asked by beginners. At the same time you can use the chat function to ask our customer support specialists your own questions. Please note that the number of participants is limited due to technical reason.  There is no right to participate. Please sign up no later than 24 hour before the start time of the webinar. Only then will you receive the webinar confirmation and login in time.  

The following system requirements are needed to participate in the webinar:

  • PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Internet connection: at least 2 MBit/s (DSL)
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3+
  • Recommended browser add-on: Java (http://www.java.com)
  • Processor speed at least 2 GHz
  • at least 1 GB RAM
  • at least 128 MB RAM graphics card
  • Speakers or headset
  • at least DirectX 8.1

The following dates are available:

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Title Product(s) Topics Date/Time
Introduction to PV*SOL / PV*SOL premium Our UK partner The Solar Design Company is offering free introductory webinars. Register now to watch PV*SOL premium's world-class 3D module in action and see the differences between PV*SOL premium and the 2D PV*SOL program. Watch the trainers use the sales-generating Photo Plan feature to create photorealistic representations of a building as it would look with installed modules. Learn how to produce professional customer reports and precise economic calculations. All times are GMT (= UTC). 14.12.2015 - 10:00 - 11:30
Introduction to GeoT*SOL and T*SOL Our UK partner The Solar Design Company is offering free introductory webinars. T*SOL is the professional simulation program for solar thermal systems. Register now to watch T*SOL in action and find out how to create professional customer reports with precise graphics and data. GeoT*SOL can simulate both ground source and air source heat pump systems. For ground source heat pump systems, the program calculates the required number and depth of bore holes. All times are GMT (= UTC). 14.12.2015 - 12:00 - 13:30