Anwo S.A.

Patricio Geni

Anwo S.A.
Los Orfebres 380
Parque Industrial La Reina
788-0211 Santiago de Chile

+56 2 731 0000
+56 2 273 1101

In 1983, Victor Herrmann established ANWO S.A. Since then, thanks to continuous effort and the introduction of innovative new technologies, ANWO has remained the undisputed leader of the distribution market of climatization equipment in Chile.

To achieve this position, ANWO has specialized staff for each of the product lines such as: heating, domestic air conditioning, industrial and commercial air conditioning, measuring instruments, energy efficient and renewable energy equipment, hydraulics and also piping systems for heating and sanitary circuits.

As exclusive representatives of more than 50 ISO 9001 certified companies, we are in a position to maintain an inventory of more than 10,000 products on a permanent basis and spare parts for a minimum of 10 years after the product has been discontinued. ANWO moves approximately an annual volume of 25,000 cubic meters of merchandise with different products to be marketed through our extensive distribution network that covers the entire national territory.

Since 2006 ANWO uses SAP for the management of the company and this has put ANWO amongst the most modern companies of the country in terms of software solutions. This modernization has resulted in the first exports to other countries in South America, giving the green light to the expansion process – a challenge that ANWO has given itself in the short term, for which it feels prepared.

The ANWO team comprises of more than 135 staff dedicated to achieving our main goal: the full satisfaction of our clients.

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