Be Solar for Energy Solutions

Mr. Hamzeh Buqaei

Be Solar for Energy Solutions
Mamdouh Sarayrah Str., Building 44
11832, Amman,


Tel (Jordan): +962 79 641 3007 - Tel (KSA): +966 50 89 55 947

Be Solar is one of Jordan’s thriving renewable energy solutions providers, off­ering years of accumulated experience with Europe’s biggest Photovoltaic cells manufacturers, and in solar energy development, project management, and consultancy.


In Be Solar we stand for glocal principles – global in our products, designs, and services, and local in tailoring those to Jordanian needs. By powerfully combining international standards and designs, we turn solar projects into reality.


Our core value is to deliver to the community economical solutions to optimize energy spending through highly efficient Photovoltaic designs. Our designs, which are developed in coordination with our international partners, are tailored for each project depending on its size, needs, and location, to name a few.


Our designs focus on yield where we optimize the designs to guarantee that our clients are investing in a solution that would be long term beneficial for their usage, taking into consideration site location, shading, space, heat, and connectivity, amongst all other elements.

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