The Czech Photovoltaic Association z.s. (ČFA)

Petr Maule

Částkova 689/74
326 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic




+420 373 341 284
+420 602 434 513

The Czech Photovoltaic Association was established in 2009. It is currently the oldest and largest photovoltaic association in the Czech Republic.


The aim of ČFA activities is to fulfill the individual objectives of the activity, including providing and disseminating professional information about photovoltaic energy, organizing conferences, seminars and trainings, providing support to the professional and general public in the field of decentralized energy and photovoltaics, providing lecturing activities on photovoltaics, providing review and publishing activities for photovoltaics and renewable energy as a natural and ecological energy source.


In the area of education and training, the CFA offers training courses for PV*SOL. Courses take place either individually or as part of the educational and training program Photovoltaic Expert. In the Czech Republic, the program Photovoltaic expert is currently the largest and most extensive technical program for teaching the basics and application of photovoltaics, in which professors and docents from universities, expert witnesses, auditors, energy consultants and designers of RES are lecturing.


Petr Maule is currently the CEO of the Czech Photovoltaic Association, who is also a university lecturer, a lecturer of photovoltaic education in the Czech Republic, an energy advisor to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, a test commissioner for state examinations "Professional Qualification of Electrician of Photovoltaic Systems", a member of technical and legislative groups for photovoltaics, co-author of the publication "Photovoltaic Systems".



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