Solarize Treinamentos Profissionais Ltda.

Hans Rauschmayer

Solarize Treinamentos Profissionais Ltda.
R. Paschoal Carlos Magno, 57
20240-290 Rio de Janeiro RJ

+55 212148-0973

The company Solarize was founded in 2003 by Hans Rauschmayer, based in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2017, Solarize is the official Valentin Partner for training and support in Brazil. The distribution remains with Valentin Software GmbH.


Solarize started with training classes for solar thermal technology in 2008. Three years later, photovoltaics was included in the portfolio. At that time, this technology was rarely used, and only in offgrid applications. Together with the Brazilian regulations for ongrid installations, in 2012, Solarize started to organize seminars about this upcoming topic and was one of the first to offer training classes.


Always being amongst the pioneers, Solarize installed the first ongrid system in Rio de Janeiro on his rooftop and became famous due to several TV reports.  Successively, the training program was enhanced with the purpose to offer basic knowledge for beginners and also special classes for experienced engineers.



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