Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions: photovoltaics Customized Solutions: solar-thermal

Our project-partner for Customized Solutions include international companies in the solar industry which require an optimized software solution for all stages of their customers’ planning.



The foundation of our customized solutions are the software packages T*SOL® Pro for solar-thermal energy and PV*SOL® express/basic for photovoltaics. With our programs, we offer manufacturers of solar technology and solar system companies bespoke software solutions for simulating energy systems.

Solar Thermal:

To support your sales channels optimally, we would be pleased to integrate your collectors, solartanks and/or boilers into the T*SOL® Pro database. Including collectors is free of charge – simply send us the corresponding (EN) test report. For the low-cost integration of tanks and/or boilers, we would be pleased to send you an initial price overview on request.   

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