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Dynamic simulation pv program with 3D visualization and detailed shading analysis of photovoltaic systems with storage systems

NEW! PV*SOL premium 2018: Import of 3D models

29. November 2017

For the input of object data, 3D models in different file formats can now be imported into the software via a new interface. This makes it for example possible to import realistic and detailed 3D objects created with photos taken from a drone.

Import factory 3D model

Flexibility has been significantly increased with regard to the subsequent configuration of the modules on an object. The new possibility of polystring configuration allows completely different strings to be connected parallel or in series to one MPP tracker. In addition the power optimizers of SolarEdge and Tigo can now be selected including the inverters an realistically simulated.

Polystring configuration

Other interesting new features are:

  • In the 3D planning there is a new string plan in the style of our dimensioning plan available.
  • The number of used storage systems and electric vehicles can now be entered easily in the corresponding definition window.
  • New graphicsfor the energy flows.

Energy flow diagram

For further information to the new features please have a look at the Release Notes.

Test the demo version of PV*SOL premium yourself - you can download it free of charge under Downloads.

Customers who are already using the previous version can purchase an update in order to move up to the new version. The update prices are listed on our order form.


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