PV*SOL Software-Test

PV*SOL Expert 6.0 convinces in test by NREL, the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory

In August 2014 NREL published a technical report in which four of the most important international photovoltaic programs were compared. In the test PV*SOL Expert 6.0 was used for comparison and achieved a very good result.

In the NREL report, Validation of Multiple Tools for Flat Plate Photovoltaic Modeling Against Measured Data, the simulation programs most commonly used in the USA are examined and the simulation results compared with the measured data of 8 systems.

Not all of the measured systems could be mapped in PV*SOL Expert 6.0, since the number of modules in PV*SOL Expert 6.0 was still limited to 2,000 modules. Likewise, it was not possible to map the system "MesaTop" with tracking modules, so that a comparison could not be carried out for this system. This program has been replaced by PV*SOL premium since Summer 2014 with greater capabilities including larger size and inter-row shading assessment in 3D.

All other systems in NREL's test indicate a high level of accuracy for PV*SOL Expert 6.0. An example of this, on page 17 of the report, shows the result for the deviation of the monthly simulation from the measured results in the "Visitor Parking" system.

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