How can you enter mounted modules/systems in the 2D planing of PV*SOL Expert or PV*SOL Pro?

Go to the menu "System" - "Technical Data" and then choose the "PV Array" tab. For mounted systems select the installation type "Free-Standing". You can either enter a set number of modules (select "Define Module Number") or you can select "Determine Output from Roof Area", in which case you can click on the "Roof Parameters" button to open the corresponding dialog. With mounted systems ("Free-Standing" installation type) and "Determine Output from Roof Area" when you click on the "Roof Parameters" button an additional dialog appears showing the minimum distance between modules.

Please note that mutual shading of the modules is not taken into account in the simulation.

How do I design a mounted system in the 3D visualization of PV*SOL Expert? Learn more here.

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