Where can roof-parallel or roof-integrated module installation situations be distinguished during 3D planning in PV*SOL Expert?

Whether the system is roof-integrated or roof-parallel does not play a decisive role in visual planning in the 3D tool, and thus the 3D tool does not yet differentiate between the two. Categorisation of the system as being roof-integrated or roof-parallel only occurs after 3D planning has been completed and you have returned to PV*SOL in the dialog "Losses" under Installation Type. Please select the option " With Ventilation" if your system is installed on a substructure parallel to the roof cladding or "Without Ventilation" if the system is integrated into the roof cladding. The calculation then takes the corresponding temperature situation into account. You can access the dialog "Losses" via the losses icon in the PV*SOL Expert main menu (a white bar in a red circle). Please note that you have to choose "free-standing" if you like to plan mounted systems.

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