Why do I get higher yields in PV*SOL® Pro 5.5 and PV*SOL® Expert 5.5 compared to previous versions when I use crystalline PV modules?

We have again compared the simulation results from PV*SOL® with actual measured PV module data. For all PV modules, for which manufacturers provide details on the part-load performance of their PV modules,  the projected yields after simulation with PV*SOL® correspond very closely with the measured results of the PV modules, due to the precise efficiency curve.

If, however, the manufacturer has not provided details, so that for these PV modules the corresponding efficiency curve in PV*SOL® must be based on standard part-load performance data, the simulation results are considerably lower compared with the measured results, at least for crystalline PV modules.

In order to meet the current development trend for crystalline PV modules, in version 5.5 of PV*SOL Expert the standard part-load performance efficiency curve has been adjusted. Therefore the yield can increase up to approximately 3% in the latitude regions of 30° and 5% in the mid latitudes (50°).

This concerns the following crystalline cell types:

- Si monocrystalline
- Si polycrystalline
- ribbon
- microcrystalline

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