Error: „Die Datenbank kann nicht geöffnet werden! Could not create the driver from NHibernate.Driver.SqlServerCeDriver“?

There could be 2 reasons for that:

  1. The Microsoft .Net Framework is missing. At least version 2.0 Service Pack 1 is required to use T*SOL Pro 5.0. You can use the Windows update function to install the latest .Net Framework version for your Windows. During the update procedure you have to select it in the optional updates section.
  2. With some Windows-System occurs a problem with old Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 installations. Microsoft is offering a patch for that problem:

The download contains of 2 files; one for 32bit and one for 64bit. If you were using a 64bit system you have to install both files.

The installation order is important:

  • At first: SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi (32bit)
  • And then: SSCERuntime_x64-ENU.msi (64b)
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