Why is in the program versions up to T*SOL Pro 5.0 the solar fraction for heating or domestic hot water (DHW) not shown in the project report?

For systems with hot water and heating support (except swimming pool systems) the solar fractions for DHW and heating are only shown separately in the project report or detailed project report if a division in energy values for DHW and heating is possible. As soon as secondary circulation is included in the system, this is only still the case for System A5.2. In addition to the value for the total solar fraction, the solar fractions for DHW and heating can be included in the results for the following T*SOL systems: A3, A3.1, A3.2, A4, A4.1, A5 and A5.2. Separate solar fraction values cannot be shown for the following systems: A5 with circulation, A5.4, A5.5, A6, A12, company-specific combination systems, Buderus SAT systems, Paradigma systems and C4. If separate values are not possible, only the total solar fraction will be shown.

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